The City of Pendergrass has its own police department that provides services within the municipal city limits of Pendergrass. The police department can be contacted for non emergency issues at (706) 693-4514. For emergencies dial 911.

Message From the Chief

Citizens of Pendergrass,

It is the mission of the Pendergrass Police Department to Professionally, Ethically, and Courteously provide the highest standard of law enforcement and procedural justice while partnering with the local community and the citizens we are sworn to protect. As the community continues to grow and change, we will be alongside you working to ensure that Pendergrass remains a safe and positive community for you and your families to live. It is a honor and a privilege to serve as your Chief of Police for The Pendergrass Police Department. I look forward to meeting each of you in due time.

Chief Bryan Woods

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